Training based on individual
work profiles, pain and lifestyles

– with the body in focus

Intelligent training

Intelligent training is a concept that is offered in connection with the health screening or as part of a physical health check. The concept was developed in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark and Just Justesen and is based on Denmark’s largest evidence-based study on physical activity in the workplace.

The goal of intelligent training is to:

Create energy for work and everyday life


Along with the personal health report that employees receive
in connection with their health screening, they receive
their intelligent training program.

The training programme includes descriptions, illustrations and videos and is composed of a short warmup and stretching process and cardio and strength training. The programme always lasts 60 minutes, while the content varies
depending on the individual’s requirements.

  • Individual training programmes based on work profile, pain, lifestyle and any health metrics

  • Exercises that can easily be performed at home, at work or at the gym

  • Duration and extent adapted to individual opportunities and needs

  • Advice based on evidence-based studies and measurable results



Combine intelligent training with physical health checks and give employees access to personal healthcare counselling and coaching based on their individual health metrics.

Workplace assessments

Combine intelligent training and the associated health screening with statutory workplace assessments.

The workplace assessment is based on an industry-specific questionnaire which optimises time spent and ensures an overview and active tools for working on working environment.

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