A powerful tool for health promotion
and strategic health work

– create value for each employee
and the company

Health screening

With a health screening from Vital, your company gets one of the strongest tools on the market to optimise the health and overall well-being of the company.

The screening complies with all requirements related to the GDPR regulations, and the screening is anonymous, so only the individual employee has access to his/her profile.

Login takes place through NemID and access via the employee’s computer, smartphone or tablet is easy.

The goal of the health screening is to:

79% of employees choose to voluntarily undergo
our health screening

Questionnaire and evidence

The health screening was developed in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark and Just Justesen and is based on evidence and a contemporary questionnaire.

Reporting and communication

To ensure a high number of participants, minimise company time spent on administrative tasks and
communication and ensure a value-added product for
everyone, we have prepared
communication packages and reports which are targeted at management and employees.



Combine the health screening with physical health checks and extend the screening with personal healthcare counselling and coaching based on individual health metrics.


Complement the health screening with intelligent training and get targeted training exercises, videos and programmes based on the individual’s challenges.

Workplace assessments

Complete the health screening along with the workplace assessment, which is based on an industry-specific questionnaire that optimises time spent and ensures an overview and active tools.

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