Prevention through insight,
motivation and counselling

– a sound investment for the individual
employee and the company

Health check

The health check is an individual program where employees gain insight into their own health and well-being as well as motivation and advice regarding courses of action.

The health check begins with our web-based health screening, followed by a physical health check conducted at the workplace. Here, one of our skilled and experienced health consultants conducts a series of physical health metrics and provides advice and creates motivation based on employees’ personal health reports and areas of action.

The company receives an overview of specific focus areas that have the greatest impact on employees’ health and well-being.

The aim of the health check is to:


The health check provides employees with an awareness of potential health and well-being challenges and risks in order to prevent health issues and optimise habits and behaviour. In addition, employees receive

  • A process in which personal sensitive information is treated with respect and in accordance with current

  • legislation Insight into health challenges that require further investigation or treatment

  • A personal health report which provides an overview of prioritised areas of action as well as inspiration and information about specific challenges

  • Visibility of the company’s existing in-house offers and services and links to individual areas of action

  • Expert advice from knowledgeable and experienced health consultants who always have the employee in focus


The health check helps the company minimise absenteeism based on challenges concerning employees’ health and well-being.
The aim of the health check is therefore to:

  • Clarify the company’s relevant health investments for the needs of the individual employee

  • Create an overview of the current initiatives to match employees’ needs

  • Provide knowledge and decision support where the company has challenges and can actively take action

  • Provide the opportunity to include other data sources in the analysis work, including workplace assessments, injury histories from health insurance and pensions, and sickness absence statistics

  • Allow the company to measure the impact of initiatives

  • Provide access to expert coaching and advice from experienced specialists

Coaching based on individual health metrics,
data and information about the company’s actions

Contents of Health Check

Standard (30 min)
Extended (45 mins)
  • Health screening
  • Weight incl. waistline measurement
  • Body fat percentage
  • BMI
  • Muscle mass
  • Metabolic age [body age]
  • Visceral fat
  • BMR [basal metabolic rate]
  • Balance test
  • Blood sugar
  • Cholesterol [Total, HDL, LDL)
  • Blood pressure
  • Fitness test on bicycle
  • Additional time for guidance
  • Motivational guidance
  • Prioritised areas of action
  • Review of matching services in case challenges are found
  • Personal health report
  • Company report

Reporting and communication

To ensure a high number of participants, minimise company time spent on administrative tasks and
communication and ensure a value-added product for everyone, we have prepared
communication packages and reports targeting management and employees, as well as efficient booking options.

Possible choices


Complement the health check with intelligent training and get targeted training exercises, videos and programmes based on the individual’s challenges. The employee’s training programme is part of the personal counselling in connection with the physical health check.

Workplace assessments

Combine the health check with the statutory workplace assessment, which is based on an industry-specific questionnaire which optimises time spent and ensures an overview and active tools.

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